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Dynamic economic reforms in Uzbekistan attract the interest of potential Spanish investors

Representatives of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Spain held online negotiations with the leadership of the Spanish investment business group Iberatlantic on the implementation of joint investment projects and further strengthening of Uzbek-Spanish trade and economic cooperation.

Iberatlantic provides a comprehensive project solution, including obtaining the necessary financing for the end user and thus increasing the possibility of effective implementation of investment projects.During the presentation of Iberatlantic, its head Pedro Mourinho explained that the activities of the investment business group are focused on the development of projects with a priority in such areas as industrial equipment, the energy sector, water resources, environmental projects and the fight against climate change, ICT, digitalization and innovation , railways, industrial airport equipment, and infrastructure.

The Spanish side noted that taking into account the investment attractiveness and dynamic reforming of the economy of Uzbekistan, Iberatlantic is ready to implement joint investment projects.

According to the head of the Spanish group Pedro Mourinho, favorable economic conditions, investment and business climate in Uzbekistan will certainly contribute to the development of international trade and business, and will attract the attention of large investors.

This meeting attracted the attention of the Spanish media. In particular, information about the negotiations and the opening prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation was published in the Spanish newspaper Empresa Exterior.