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Due to the Presidential Decree, the number of permits and licenses will be reduced in Uzbekistan

Dozens of licenses will be canceled, and some will be cut through mergers or the introduction of notification procedures. The President signed a decree “On measures to radically improve licensing and permitting procedures,” according to which the number of permits and licenses will be reduced in Uzbekistan. It is noted that at the beginning of 2021, some types of licensed activities and permissive documents:

– 37 licenses and 10 permits will be canceled;

– 16 licenses and 11 permits will be excluded by merger;

– 17 licenses and 14 permits will be canceled, and notification procedures will be introduced instead;

– the terms for issuing 14 types of licenses and permits will be reduced by almost 2 times;

– procedures for obtaining 115 licenses and permits will be simplified. In addition, the validity of licenses or permits for which a notification procedure has been introduced remains in effect and does not require notification from the competent authority.

In addition, from January 1, 2021, it is established that when licensing tourism activities, the certification of tour operators’ services is voluntary;

Also canceled:

– the requirement for documents confirming consent to exchange credit information with at least 10 commercial banks when licensing the activities of credit bureaus;

– the practice of obtaining a separate license for branches of legal entities for the licensing of retail sales of medicines and medical products by legal entities;

-the procedure for requesting receipt of letters of guarantee from local government bodies from the applicant upon obtaining a license for the right to use subsoil plots.

According to the decree, individuals who reported violations in the field of licensing will be encouraged.