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California business circles are interested in cooperation with Uzbekistan

The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Washington held a business reception with the participation of a delegation of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the city of San Diego (California, USA), headed by the president of this organization, Jerry Sanders.

The event was attended by authoritative representatives of the official, business, cultural and humanitarian circles of the state of California, as well as from the cities of Mexico bordering this state.

The Ambassador of Uzbekistan Javlon Vakhabov acquainted the participants with the modern development of our country, the progress of ongoing reforms to liberalize the economy, create a favorable investment climate, and strengthen human capital.

The delegation was also presented with the main results of the first Tashkent International Investment Forum, the prospects for running a successful business in Uzbekistan, information on benefits and preferences for foreign investors interested in entering the country’s market.

Jerry Sanders stressed that Uzbekistan and San Diego have great potential for deepening cooperation in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and various industries.

San Diego has been recognized as the most favorable place in the US to start a new business. It was emphasized that the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, which unites more than 2.5 thousand companies, is interested in establishing partnerships with Uzbek companies in order to implement joint business projects.

Jerry Sanders expressed his readiness to establish direct contacts with interested departments and institutions of Uzbekistan on issues of mutual interest. He assured of his readiness to provide practical assistance in establishing close cooperation between the parties to expand trade and economic ties.

During her speech, the vice president of the largest private telecommunications company in the United States with an annual income of $ 13 billion, Cox Communications, Chanel Hawken, noted that she was impressed by the transformations being carried out in Uzbekistan. She also expressed her support for strengthening her company’s close ties with Uzbekistan, especially in the field of digitalization and expanding access to the Internet.

Vice Mayor of Manhatton Beach (California) Richard Montgomery thanked the Embassy for organizing the event and the opportunity to get acquainted with Uzbek culture and traditions, which deeply impressed all guests of the US West Coast. “I plan to visit your country in July this year and get even closer acquainted with its rich historical heritage and potential,” he said.

The event also presented the latest collection of domestic designer Markhamathon Umarova, which clearly showed the beauty and historical value of the Uzbek school of textiles.

Recall that San Diego is one of the leading regions of California and is among the top twenty largest US cities in terms of GDP (240 billion dollars). The main economic drivers of the city are the defense industry, tourism, IT, R&D and others. San Diego is home to the largest US Navy in the world with more than 50 ships, and the development of the tourist infrastructure allows to receive more than 30 million visitors annually. In addition, San Diego is also known for its innovative IT developments. In particular, the city hosts the headquarters and centers for innovative developments of such large IT companies of the world as Qualcomm, Nokia, LG Electronics, Kyocera International, Cricket Communications and others.

California is the most populous US state (about 40 million people) and the 3rd largest (after Alaska and Texas). California ranks first among US states in terms of GDP ($3 trillion). The most important sectors of the economy are information technology, the aerospace industry, oil production and refining, show business, and agriculture.