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Benefits for entrepreneurs differentiate

On September 24, chaired by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a video conference was held on additional measures for the development of entrepreneurship in the regions.

In accordance with the presidential decree of May 1, 2020, a rating system for assessing the socio-economic development of regions was introduced. Economic indicators, business support environment, infrastructure and level of use of available resources in districts and cities were studied. Based on the analysis results, the territorial units were assigned the categories “good”, “average” and “unsatisfactory”. Thus, the situation was recognized as “good” in 48, “average” – in 119 and “unsatisfactory” – in 33 districts and cities.

At the meeting, measures were discussed to solve problems on the ground, taking into account the indicated results of the analysis and to provide assistance to areas with low indicators.

 It was noted that the ministries and departments included in the economic complex should turn into organizations “serving entrepreneurs”. The importance of using the potential of districts and cities with an “unsatisfactory” situation, popularizing the experience of territories of a “good” category was emphasized.

Responsible persons were instructed to improve engineering communications in areas rated as “unsatisfactory”, create small industrial zones, develop livestock, karakul breeding, horse breeding on pastures, border trade and services.

 In districts and cities with an assessment of “unsatisfactory” and “average”, an anti-crisis management system will be introduced.The meeting also discussed the organization of new and support for existing enterprises. The leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Ombudsman was recommended to go to the field to solve problems that hinder the establishment of entrepreneurship.

 The President gave instructions to finance business projects of families included in the “iron notebook”, to launch projects that received funds from banks, but suspended their activities due to lack of raw materials, energy resources or due to logistics problems.

It was noted that it is important for commercial banks to offer entrepreneurs a “package of preferential services” depending on the results of their activities.

 As you know, tax revenues from small businesses and local resource taxes are left in full at the disposal of the regions. Consequently, budgetary stability and the development of regions in general are directly related to entrepreneurial activity.

The meeting discussed measures to ensure additional revenues to minimize the expected budget deficit by the end of the year. The need for a thorough study of the tax potential of the regions, identification of sources of additional revenues, an increase in the income of budgetary organizations from paid services is indicated.

Over the past 4 years, many small businesses have grown due to the opportunities created for business development. The head of state stressed the importance of stimulating this trend and creating even more favorable conditions for the consolidation of enterprises.The meeting noted the need to differentiate the benefits provided to business entities. It is advisable to help enterprises that are able to move into the category of medium-sized businesses through the allocation of earmarked funds from the Entrepreneurship Support Fund, assistance in product certification, partial coverage of the costs of science and innovation, and other measures.