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Approved notification procedure for business. What is it and how does it work

On February 25, the government approved a unified procedure for notifying authorized bodies about the start or termination of activities. The document is available in the Lex.uz database and will come into effect on March 1.

The notification procedure operates in those areas where the business does not need the decision of the authorized body to start work, but records and control over the entities involved in the relevant activities are kept.

Notification of the beginning or termination of activities is sent electronically through the UPIPS or the information system ” License “. Notifications are accepted 24/7, including weekends and holidays. From the moment of acceptance of the application, the authorized body is considered notified.

The procedure applies to 33 types of activities, including:

  • work with precious metals and stones, manufacture and sale of jewelry from them;
  • activities of an investment consultant;
  • activity of a pawnshop;
  • import of cash foreign or national currency;
  • opening/closing of a bank branch or banking service office, etc.

Start of activity

The notification is certified by the electronic digital signature of the applicant. From the existing list, the type of activity or part of it planned for implementation is selected, and the corresponding passport is filled in. It reflects the requirements and conditions related to the selected type (subtype) of activity. Additional required documents are attached to the passport in a scanned form in PDF, PNG or JPEG format.

The certificate of notification of the start of construction and installation work has not yet been approved. The Ministries of Construction and Justice were instructed to jointly develop and submit it to the Cabinet of Ministers by April 1 .

In this case, it is mandatory:

  • observance and fulfillment of the requirements and conditions stipulated by the passport;
  • ensuring the accuracy of the information specified in the notification;
  • registration in the UNLS of existing and new employment contracts, changes to them and their termination – if this requirement is prescribed for the corresponding type of activity;
  • notification of the authorized body within 10 working days after the registration of a change in the name, location (address of residence) of the notifier or the opening of a branch and representative office.

To start working on a notification basis, you need to pay a fee – up to 50% of the BCV (except for the retail sale of alcoholic products and the sale of alcohol in public catering).

A notification that meets all the criteria is automatically accepted by the electronic system and entered into the general register. The notifier is sent a confirmation to his personal account or, at his request, in the form of an SMS message to the specified mobile number. The authorized body has the right not to accept the notification only if

  • it contains inaccurate or false information;
  • the fee for sending the notification has not been paid;
  • compliance with and fulfillment of the requirements and conditions established for the specified activity has not been confirmed;
  • the notifier has already been entered in the register for current activities (re-notification);
  • the activity of the notifier has been suspended for a certain period by an authorized body or a court;
  • by a court decision, this activity is prohibited to the notifier.

Refusal to accept a notification for reasons other than those listed is prohibited .

Termination of activity

Activities carried out in a notification manner may be terminated on the basis of:

  • notification sent to the authorized body by the notifier;
  • relevant court decision.

In the first case, you can also use the UPIPS or the ” License ” platform. The fee in this case is not charged. The activity is considered terminated from the date specified in the notice. A note about this is automatically entered in the register of notifications.

In turn, the court may decide to terminate the activities carried out in a notification manner, at the request of the authorized body in the following cases:

  • identification of false or inaccurate information specified in the notification of its beginning;
  • failure to eliminate deficiencies associated with violation of existing requirements and conditions within the prescribed period;
  • systematic (two or more times during the year) or a single gross violation of the requirements and conditions, if this led to harm to the life and health of citizens, damage to someone’s rights and legitimate interests, public safety, and environmental damage.

The authorized body notifies the subject in advance by sending him the act in electronic form, after which he submits an application to the court within 5 days. A note on the termination of activities in the register of notifications is made within 3 days after the entry into force of the court decision.

If the court refuses to satisfy the application, the authorized body is obliged to compensate the business entity for the losses incurred by it.

Source: www.spot.uz