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An integration fintech platform for business will be launched in Uzbekistan

The solution from UZCARD and Innotech will help to apply the API for the development of products and services.

UZCARD and the Innotech group of companies have agreed on the joint use of the Universal Integration Platform in Uzbekistan. This is reported by the magazine PLUS.

The parties signed the corresponding agreement on May 26 during the international PLUS forum in Tashkent. The project will be unique for the Uzbek market and will give local players the opportunity to effectively develop in the fintech sector.

The universal integration platform is an ecosystem for the interaction of Uzbek companies and organizations in a one-stop-shop. It includes all required services, and participants will be able to work according to general rules and standards.

“[The platform] opens up new opportunities for digital transformation and growth in business efficiency in Uzbekistan. It will help create personalized recommendations, support products and services based on gender, location, customer behavior and other factors,” said Alexey Volynkin, Director of Business Development at Innotech.

The development of Innotech combines data on accounting for the use of API by external consumers in order to determine the cost of services. Organizations that need data from government agencies, insurance companies, banks, etc. will be able to find the data they need by purchasing access to the platform.

There are no such decisions in Uzbekistan, UZCARD Director-General Farrukh Ziyaev emphasized. According to him, the service will allow companies in Uzbekistan to respond flexibly to user requests in a rapidly changing market and business requirements.


Source: www.spot.uz