Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation

OJSC Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation was founded in 2005 and since then has been recognized for various achievements in development of non-oil sectors of Azerbaijan, and creation of new standards in construction industry.

Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation proudly celebrated its 13th anniversary in 2018. It can be noted that being one of the leaders in the South Caucasus, the Corporation reached a high level in construction of residential and non-residential buildings, infrastructure projects, as well as in production of building materials.

The main goal of the Corporation is to participate in significant local and regional projects, development as a transnational Corporation that is globally competitive. The idea is to create favorable conditions through implementation of large infrastructure, industrial, oil and gas, housing projects, as well as providing heritage for future generations.

The corporation is a supplier of building materials such as cement, concrete, reinforced concrete products, marble, granite, asphalt, gravel, sand, brick, metal structures and other materials.

Development and implementation of successful projects is the core of the corporation’s activity. Construction of residential and non-residential real estate, major infrastructure projects is the basis of the organization’s economy and social activities. With more than 12 years of experience in implementing projects with the highest level of quality, safety and technical training, it clearly demonstrates cooperation with customers and local communities.

The mission of the corporation is to improve the environment through construction and design of infrastructure, industrial, oil and gas, energy and real estate-related solutions, as well as production of modern building materials, and combining the best resources and opportunities under the Akkord brand.

The company’s development consists in a global source of solutions that unites construction, design and production, for guaranteeing sustainable growth and preserving heritage for future generations.

Today, the Corporation includes many companies that have leading positions in the industry in their type of activity.





Real estate


Housing and communal services

LLC “Akkord Mənzil Kommunal Təsərrüfat Birliyi”


Rental property

LLC “Property Investments”



Construction of bridges and tunnels

LLC “Körpü Tunel Tikinti”


Construction of sewage and water supply systems

LLC “Akkord Hydrotechnical Construction Company”



Manufacture and sale of iron structures

LLC “Akkord Steel Construction Company”


Production and sale of cement

LLC “Qazax Sement Zavodu”


Production and sale of marble

LLC “Akkord Mərmər Qranit”


Production and sale of reinforced concrete structures

LLC “Akkord Prefabrik”


Production of facade

LLC “Deutsche Fassaden Technologien”


Production and sale of concrete

LLC “Akkord Beton”


Production and sale of asphalt

LLC “Akkord Asfalt”


Production and sale of bricks

LLC “Akkord Kərpic”


Production and sale of different types of uniforms

LLC “Akkord Tekstil”


Production of plastic doors and windows

LLC “Accopen”



Logistical support services

LLC “Akkord Nəqliyyat”


Since its establishment, Akkord Corporation has been cooperating with many leading international companies and signing memorandums.

Akkord is currently working on large infrastructure construction projects in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey. In addition, a representative office of the Corporation is located in the city of Frankfurt (Germany).

65% of the Corporation’s activities are occupied by construction, 14% by real estate, 12% by manufacturing, 6% by project management and design, 3% by construction equipment services.

Corporation’s activity in the Republic of Uzbekistan:

Contracts were signed between the Republican Road Fund and the Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation OJSC (Azerbaijan) within the framework of implementation of the project “Reconstruction of M39 Tashkent – Termez highway” with participation of the Islamic Development Bank, for conducting construction and installation works worth 126.7 million USD on reconstruction of the 100 km long road (including 36 bridges) in Surkhandarya region (Baysun, Sherabad, Muzrabad, Angor and Termez districts).

The project is a part of a large project on development of a regional corridor linking Uzbekistan with neighboring countries. Implementation of the project will serve as a strong support and stimulus for development of the economy of Uzbekistan and expansion of trade-economic ties with neighboring countries.

As of November 1, 2018, the project was implemented at 98%. High quality of the implemented work was noted during the visit of the Islamic Development Bank mission to Uzbekistan in September 2018.

Completion of the project is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2019.



Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation OJSC

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