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Organization of majolica production

Project Documents

ID# 31

Investment proposal

Name of the project

Organization of majolica production with a capacity of 400 m² per day in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Main goals of project

Creation (joint) of majolica production using the most modern technologies

Sphere /industry

Construction Materials

Implementation of schedule project

2019 – 2020

Location of the project

Fergana city, Republic of Uzbekistan

Information about participants of the project:

– initiator

LLC «Avtooyna»


– co-executor (the lead sectorial of Ministry/authority/Department)

JSC «Uzavtosanoat»


– creditor


Total costs of project

643 thousand USD

(The cost of the project will be adjusted after the final selection of the supplier)

Prospective source of financing:                   

– own funds

87 %

– credits

13 %

– the required volume of direct foreign investments

643 thousand dollars, 79% of which are foreign investments (442 thousand dollars)

Composition of main costs

Equipment, buildings, pre-production and connection

Predictable of profitability

1 year – 5.1%

2 year – 5.8%

3 year – 6.4%

4 year – 9.0%

5 year – 9.4%

6 year – 9.8%

7 year – 10%

Predictable of payback period

3,5 year

Cash flows

1,040 thousand dollars a year (with VAT 20%)

Characteristics of the planned production

Release of mosaic products

Capacity of project/productivity

400 m2 per day

Contribution to the project by the initiator

50% technological equipment ($ 320 thousand)


 – Provision engineer.  and technical support (training)

Current status of project

A meeting was held; all possible cooperation options were discussed. Meeting concerning the final decision is expected

Information about the initiator of the project

Full name of the enterprises

Limited Liability Company «Avtooyna»

Requisites, email, contacts

150100, Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana, st. Istiklol No. 1a, INN 202678977

Tel. +998 (73) 2430835

Date foundation of enterprises

October 1998 Publication of PKM of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 432 “On the organization of production of automotive glass.”

 March 2004 Start of trial production on pretreatment, quenching and lamination lines

Statutory fund

27.9 billion soums / 3.3 million dollars

Structure of founders and distribution of shares

JSC Uzavtosanoat 100%

General information

Number and types of jobs created

32-35 new job places will be created

Environmental impact statement (project EIS), which includes expected types and volumes of wastes, places of their utilization

The project will meet in full compliance with the requirements of the Uzbek and European environmental standards.

Information about the land plot for the construction of the enterprise

It is planned to rent the building of the “UzSozon” enterprise of Fergana city

Existing infrastructure

Buildings and constructions

The required infrastructure

Local engineering equipment (electricity)

Upcoming construction and installation works

Partial repair (personal)

Design and estimate documentation


Power requirement (kWh), installed capacity (kWh or megawatt hour)

250-400 kW / hour

Demand for water (cub/m)

Process water for household needs. activities

Gas demand (cu/m)

Not required

Market analysis, productions definition (works, services),marketing researches

Type of product

Mosaic products

Annual production (ton. year)

1200 m2 per year

Prospective markets sales and their shares:


60 %


40 %

Costs of products

№ 1 White USD 6.38

№2 black USD 6.92

№3 Brown USD 7.41

№4 Yellow USD 7.74

№5 blue night USD 9.88

№6 Red USD 10.05

№7 Green USD 10.37

№8 Orange USD 11.86    

№9 Metallic silver USD 12.64  

№10 Metallic cooper USD 13.04

Demand for raw materials (per year)

231 thousand dollars

Market volume

400 thousand m2

Expected market share


Main competitive advantage

Efficient use of available resources

Main competitors


Power, mosaic production in m2 per month


Price in dollar 2,5х2,5 cm

Price in dollar 4×4 cm

Price in Dollar Stone





From 8 $

To 20 $

Ai mosaic


From 8 $

To 35 $

From 14 $

To 40 $



From 8 $

To30 $

From 18 $

To 35 $

Azia mosaic


From 8 $

To 30 $

Grand Art mosaic


From 8 $

To 30 $

From 16 $

To 30 $

Fishka Pro


From 8 $

To 30 $


Import product



From 24 $

Main target groups of consumers

Efficient use of available resources


The structure of sales according to target groups of consumers

Construction Materials

Pricing strategy

Construction Materials


Cost structure of the final product

Competitive prices

Availability of patents, licenses, certificates in accordance with the current legislation

Does not have

The presence of a formed database of potential customers with a confirmed willingness to purchase products

Wholesale markets building materials

Presence of marketing research


Presentation component of the project


Additional information

It is possible to export

Project risk


Production technology and parameters of main equipment

Depends on the investor’s preferences

Type of equipment

Automatic line, heating furnace, drying oven

Country of origin




400 m2 per day



310 thousand US dollars


Energy consumption

250 kW

Installed capacity

144 000 m2

Overall dimensions of the equipment

30 x 4 m

Weight of main equipment

Node of main equipment (lines)

ETF (Glass Mosaic Furnace)

EP (Eccentric press)

TE (Dust To Sift)

MKS (Mixer)

(PM) Dry system dyeing apparatus

Equipment for cleaning waste glass (Cavoline Machine)

Number of working hours per year

7476 hours

Duty cycle

7000 hours

Periodicity of the planned –warning repair (design and preparation works)

476 hours

Number of people involved in the production process and their functions

32-35 people


(Show schematically)